Recruiting qualified employees from traditionally underrepresented groups to help companies meet talent and business goals.


Helping companies create an equitable and inclusive work culture that leads to increased employee retention.


Involving underrepresented businesses in the regional economy and recognizing the enormous purchasing power of such groups.



The Triangle DEI Alliance is leading the effort to make the Triangle the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive business environment in the country.


As the voice of our business community, we recognize that addressing the evolving demographic changes in our region is key to growth and sustainability. We are proud to initiate and support efforts across the Triangle that promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity among our businesses.


We will identify barriers and challenges that may have a negative impact on our workforce, workplace, and marketplace. The Triangle DEI Alliance is an advocate for measures that will create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive business region.

We will support public policies that promote

  • Business recruitment and retention

  • Talent and workforce development

  • Job creation



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